Which Binary Options Brokers The Best For Trading?

Which Binary Options Brokers The Best For Trading

Binary option relates to the prediction and trade option of price fluctuation on some asset (stocks, commodities, currencies or foreign exchange). Binary refers to two, implying only two pathways. If the prediction is right, it considers true or in-the-money. On the contrary, the prediction considers false or out-of-the-money. (Top Binary Options Brokers)

Owing to its simplicity and certain advantages, this has earned some reputation among beginner level traders. The success of the method is mostly dependent on the trader’s market knowledge and thus high prediction skills are essential. (Top Binary Options Brokers) There are certain controversies regarding the issue due to fraud schemes and thus traders dealing with binary options are under scrutiny and surveillance.

Top Binary Options Brokers All Time

Some of the best binary options brokers are IQ Option, Olymp Trade, BDSwiss, 24, High Low and Ayrex etc.

Is Binary Option Prohibited in EU? 

Recently, in the European countries, binary options trading has prohibited due to the previous fraud schemes that occurred. The restriction has set for the retail investors on the contact sale foe differences (CFDs) (Simona Weinglass, 2018).

Binary Option in United States, UK, Australia

Trading in binary option is being dealt through brokers, regulated or unregulated. In order to prevent and regulate the fraud schemes, major commercial watchdogs exist like CySEC (Cyprus), CFTC (United States), FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) etc. (Binary Options Brokers, 2018). These organizations keep all regulated binary options brokers under surveillance, certifying their trustworthiness. These organizations function as the medium between the trader and the financial market. (Top Binary Options Brokers)

Before initiating a trade in the binary method, a brokerage account is essential to conduct trade. All transactions are conducted through that account. Merchandising through a comparative good broker increases chances of high return along with bonuses for investors.

There are currently more than four thousand brokers or platforms, yet more to come. So, it has become quite a difficult task to find an authentic broker for trading. (Top Binary Options Brokers)

How to Trade Binary Option?

Simply put, binary option is almost like bidding on an option within a certain period of time. If the option is profitable after the expired period, the investor may return up to 80% of the main investment along with bonus, otherwise all the invested money will be lost. The concept can be more understandable through an example.

Firstly, the investor has to select an option (asset). Then, they predict the possible price within a fixed time (at the end of week or month). In case of binary option, there are only two possible outcomes, the strike price will be same as market price as per prediction or not. (Top Binary Options Brokers)

The investor will be buying binary contract (price range $0~$100). If the investor believes that the price of the asset will be increased (i.e. $800). He will sell $800 binary value options to trade. If the prediction is right then he will get the percentage for increased value for per contract. He brought but will lose (Simona Weinglass, 2018) (Binary Options Brokers, 2018) the entire mine for the false one. (Top Binary Options Brokers)

Though evidently, trading in binary options is cheaper and lucrative than any other options available. The probability of winning highly depends on the appropriate broker.

Some of them are mentioned following TOP BINARY OPTIONS BROKERS 2020

IQ OPTION: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

The IQ option is one of the top-most binary options brokers. They are popular because they regulated by CySEC and their services are spared around the world. The IQ option formed in 2013 with its headquarter situated in Cyprus. This broker platform designs both website and mobile apps.

The strength in their strategy is high effective returns earned per trade extending up to about 95%. Initial deposit system to open a real account is $10, payable through Credit card, Skrill or other e-Wallets (Kanya kukrit, 2018). (Top Binary Options Brokers)

OLYMPIC TRADE: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

The Olymp Trade are relatively new to the market. Their headquarter situated in Russia since 2014. They are regulated by the Financial Markets Relations Resolution Center (FMRRC). They are also a member of the International Financial Commission (FinaCom). Their account system divides into 2 divisions. One is standard Account and the other is VIP Account. The initial deposit to open an account for standard account is $10 and for the VIP Account it starts from $2000 minimum. Olymp Trade is mostly popular in countries including the Russian Federation, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey etc. (Kanya kukrit, 2018; Binary Options Brokers, 2018). (Top Binary Options Brokers)

BDSWISS: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

BDSwiss brokers started in 2012. Its headquarter in Cyprus. They regulated by CySEC and FSC. They are also members of the US National Futures Association. The starting investment for real account of BDSwiss is $100. Each successful trade makes a profit of up to 85%. The withdrawals take 7 days to cash and each transaction needs $25 as withdrawal fees for under $500. BDSwiss mainly based on European client including Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Austria (Kanya kukrit, 2018; 7 Binary Options, 2018). (Top Binary Options Brokers)

24 OPTIONS.COM: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

24 Option is one of the oldest novice trader-friendly platform binary option broker. 24 options published in 2009 and its headquarters stand in Brazil. This binary broker regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). To open a real account an initial investment of $100 is needed. They also need fees for withdrawal. The main attraction of 24 options is its return profit. Only 24 options provide returns of 100%. They mostly use is United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, Italy, Germany and Spain (Kanya kukrit, 2018; 7 Binary Options, 2018). (Top Binary Options Brokers)

HIGH LOW: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

In 2014, High Low established by Australia. It currently fully regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). They build up a Market Pulse Online Software and currently offers over 80 different financial instruments all accessible to the trial and real cash account. The trial accounts credit with $10000 worth of virtual money at the time of opening with a real cash amount of only $10 and above. They also offer bonuses of around 200% and also have several payment methods including wire transfer and credit cards (Kanya kukrit, 2018).  (Top Binary Options Brokers)

AYREX: Top Binary Options Brokers 2020

Ayrex launched in 2014 and up until 2018 it has become one of the best binary trading sites. Here, anyone can enter into a trade position using as little as $1 and trades can last for 24 hours. Its underlying software is extremely fast and its broker offers trade expiry times of only 30 seconds. They also offer a neat demo account with $1000 virtual cash and give a scope to increase the amount to $1000. Ayrex currently offering 50 financial instruments and their client are from Africa, India, Indonesia, UK and Malaysia (Kanya kukrit, 2018). (Top Binary Options Brokers)

All the above mentioned binary options brokers traders provide the best of services. Choosing either one of them could bring about profits depending on the prediction skills of the traders.

We will recommended to the traders IQ Option. Because IQ Option is the best Binary Option Broker in 2020. Before investing in IQ Option. We will suggest you please invest after using the free IQ Option Demo account. Below IQ Option free Demo account frame.  (Top Binary Options Brokers)

Happy Trading.

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