Is IQ Option Available in South Africa?

iq option review
IQ Option Review 2020

IQ Option South Africa

Is IQ option legal in South Africa? 
Does IQ option work in South Africa?

IQ Option is an online trading platform that enables customers to trade a variety of financial instruments and assets, including Binary Options, Stocks, Forex, and Crypto currencies.IQ Option was founded in 2003 and governed by IQ Option Ltd.
Let’s take a look iq option review 2020

Types of Accounts in IQ Option

Is IQ option available in South Africa?
How much do you need to start Forex in South Africa?
Is IQ Option online trading legal in South Africa?
How much do you need to start IQ Option Forex in South Africa?
How do I join IQ Option Forex in South Africa?
Is IQ Option best binary trading app in south africa?

A demo/ training account

The demo account of IQ Option is entirely free.
This account enables you to enjoy all the real account features. And you have a $1000 for a start. But  remember these are renewable. You can also deactivate this account when you want.

iq option review 2020 free iq option demo account

A real account

Real account can be operated at a minimum investment of $10, and there are no restrictions on trading functionality.
This account enables access to over 70 assets, and users can request withdrawals that can proceed within 24 hours.

A VIP Account

A VIP account usually is available to traders who:

  • Make a deposit amounting $1900 or an equivalent figure in other currencies or have a trading volume of $15000, then IQ Option Ltd. opens up VIP status for traders who are not from the EEA countries.

  • Apart from having all the features of the real account, the VIP account is provided with a personal manager to assist traders with any queries and issues.
    The VIP account also comes with a monthly report on customer trading records, which is regulated and performed by the platform’s analysts and provide customers valuable feedback on their overall performance.
iq option review 2020
Risk WARNING: your capital might be at risk

Features of IQ Option

Is IQ Option binary trading legal in South Africa?
Do you pay tax on forex trading in South Africa?
Is IQ Option Forex trading profitable in South Africa?
Which is the best time to trade iq options in south africa?

  1. Trade room features

The main IQ Option growth factor is its proprietary trading platform. It can easily be accessed on the official IQ Option website by downloading the standalone application to your mac OS or Ubuntu PC, windows, or through mobile apps.

  • Left side panel: The left panel tabs typically include your trading portfolio with your current position and pending orders, trading history, market analysis with the latest trade news, video tutorials, public and support chats, and earning & crypto calendars, etc.
  • Right side panel: The right side of the trade room is designed to provide you with all deals’ configuration.
    The right-side panel also hosts your current balance and a button to make a deposit, which can be used to transfer funds to your real balance or top-up your demo account balance to $10000.
  • Chart analysis tools: When you go down to the lower-left corner, next to the panel, you will find a set of buttons responsible for how the chart is displayed.
  1. Website features
  • Stock collections: This key feature enables you to see not only the stocks of individual companies but also the groups of stocks based on some uniting feature.
    For example, Warren Buffett’s favorite companies, ten largest US companies, or the top 10 most profitable companies.
  • Industries: This section enables you to sort the stocks by the companies’ industries, like information technology or real estate, and to invest in any company of your choice.
  • Economic Calendar and Earnings Calendar: On the website, an economic and earnings calendar is given to help you to find out the right time to enter the market.

Deposits and withdrawals for IQ Option

How do I deposit money into IQ option South Africa?
How do I withdraw money from IQ option in South Africa?

Depositing to IQ Option is as simple as withdrawing it.
To deposit, you need to go to your account, then click on the deposit button.
After that, select payment method either through the credit card, debit card, or by the wire transfer, then enter your credit card information, and finally click pay to deposit money in your account.

Pros of IQ Option

  • Offers free IQ Option training programs
  • Allows minimum deposit of $10
  • Allows the minimum trade of only $1
  • Offers tournaments with cash prizes
  • A demo account free of charge
  • Regulation in Eu1
  • rope

Cons of IQ Option

  • It does not accept Bitcoin
  • IQ Option is not available in the United States


Just because of its flexibility in trading. IQ Option has been growing tremendously over the last few years. People love doing binary trading on IQ Option as it enables them to earn huge money online.

Risk WARNING: your capital might be at risk

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